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I am a final year Computer Science student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, graduating in summer 2017.

Over the past 3 years, I've interned as a software developer for Amazon, University of Cambridge and Contraflor. This summer, I interned at GitHub in San Francisco, where I worked on GitHub Classroom.

My CS interests include distributed systems and artificial intelligence. In my free time I take photos and organise student events like StacsHack.


Software Development Experience

Education Intern - GitHub (Summer 2016)

Worked on a desktop extension for GitHub Classroom, written using Electron, React and Redux. Played a key role in designing and architecting the application from scratch, following best practices in user interface design and application structure. The project is open source, and all source code can be found in the GitHub repository.

Full-Stack Development Winter Intern - University of St Andrews (Winter 2016)

Worked on multiple healthcare-related applications and data visualisations. My main project involved rewriting and improving a smoking cessation coach app using the Meteor framework, which is to be trialled on local patients in partnership with the School of Medicine, University of St Andrews and NHS Fife.

Software Development Intern - Amazon (Summer 2015)

Designed and developed an asynchronous, distributed service for removing duplicate catalog items. Worked on a large software project from initial stages to completion, currently deployed and maintained. Gained experience in industry standard tooling for version control, testing and continuous deployment. Technologies used include: Java 8, Spring, Google Guava, Hamcrest, Mockito and Git. Collaborated with stakeholders in London, Chennai and Seattle.

Mobile Development Winter Intern - University of St Andrews (Winter 2015)

Designed and Developed an Android App for sufferers of migraine with guidance from Dr Tom Kelsey and Professor Hamish Wallace (Wallace-Kelsey Foundation). Migraine is the most common neurological condition in the developed world - 18% of women and 6% of men suffer from migraine attacks. While many factors can trigger a migraine, these vary between individuals. The app allows users to keep a detailed diary of migraine events, and uses the user's location to record weather information at the time of the attack. The app aims to help users learn more about their condition in the hope of discovering which specific triggers cause most of their migraine attacks.

Programming Intern - Cambridge University, Department of Engineering (Summer 2012)

Worked with CSMLab to create a user interface for OpenFTL finite element analysis toolkit. The interface allows the user to upload files to the server, which then runs a simulation and returns the output in form of 2D and 3D models, which can be viewed and manipulated in the browser. This was done using the ExtJS javascript UI framework and the X3Dom HTML 3D graphics framework.




Atom editor plugin for quickly finding and using StackOverflow code snippets. The plugin uses Google search paired with scraping techniques to find and extract code snippets relevant to an English query, e.g. "open a file". I used this project to teach students how to build Atom plugins at hackathons (video), and wrote a blog post about it on the GitHub blog.

Check it out on GitHub



Status line plugin for HyperTerm. Shows useful system information such as free memory, uptime and CPU usage. The project has over 2600 downloads on Node Package Manager, and is one of the most downloaded HyperTerm extensions.

Check it out on GitHub


Tweet Me 4 Moji

Joke twitter bot written at Hack the North 2016, which uses the Google Vision API and Graphics Magick to detect facial expressions and overlay matching Emoji. The bot gained popularity after being covered by The Next Web and being mentioned by T-Mobile CEO, John Legere.

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